About Us

Welcome to our shop!

We are a husband and wife team that have built a life in the home design and build industry, creating and building custom homes for over a decade. We have two small boys, Maddox and Avery, who inspire us everyday to achieve our goals and dreams.

We started Maddox & Ave as we wanted to expand into the home decor field. If we build the homes, why not offer beautiful items to fill them with! 

Being in a beautiful space elevates our mood and contributes to a sense of calm and warmth at home.  We focus on brands that emphasize textures, layers, natural and sustainable materials, rich finishes. When sourcing a collection, we want the products to be intentional, to serve a purpose. We aim to support Canadian small brands that share the same values as us. 

Our homes should be filled with things that we love and that bring us joy.